Novel Reading Program

Learning German requires grammar, reading, writing and speaking/storytelling.

To aid your reading we’ve chosen a book for you and developed mind maps and quizzes for each chapter. 

You can join this program at no cost. (You will have to buy the book though which costs 10€). The book is in simplified language. You put in the effort and you are rewarded by reading something that’s entertaining. The book is called ‘Ziemlich beste Freunde. It’s much more entertaining than the dry text you find in text books!

Here’s a sample of the text i.e. the level/complexity. It’s roughly A2 level. 

Mit einem Rucksack fahre ich in die Berge. Ich halte an den schönsten Plätzen. Hunderte Flüge habe ich bereits hinter mir. Gekonnt hebe ich den Gleitschirm hoch. An manchen Stellen drückt der Wind das Gras platt. Daran kann ich erkennen, wann und wo ich am besten losfliegen kann.

All the information you need to get started on this program is to sign up with the form below. Then you get the link to the resources immediately. You click on the link and it takes you to the G-drive where the instructions and resources are saved. 

If you want to read in a reading group that meets in real life and goes through it, you should indicate that on the form below. 


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Are you interested in joining an 'in person' reading group in Berlin?