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Novel Reading Program - Ziemlich beste Freunde

This novel reading program will do more to improve your vocabulary and confidence than anything else can. This is part of our commitment to ‘comprehensible input’. You study the chapter in advance. The teacher reads the chapter aloud. You ONLY listen. You repeat. You translate - then you are asked questions based on what you’ve just been exposed to from the book. Everybody talks. Everyone starts to think in German. It’s magic.

This book is engaging and fun. This book is simplified. It is intended for Germans who did poorly at school. It’s perfect for language learners. We don’t personally agree with this A1.1, A1.2 etc business, but the book is described as being A2.2. If you’ve done our module 1 (or studied before) - you can do this.

Task switching (where you read a bit, find a word you don’t know, look it up, and then go back to reading) is very, very inefficient. As soon as you’ve looked up the word, you’re likely to forget it again. Instead we adopt the principle of learning all the vocabulary first, then we read the chapter. (It helps that the chapters are mostly 2-3 pages long.) To do do this we’ve created mind maps for you to fill in and quizzes to test yourself.

When you join up you get a link to a folder with all the information you need, including where to buy the book. It’s important it’s the simplified version that you buy.

This is a ‘drop-in’ program that runs in

  • Mitte on Wednesdays at 12:00 - 13:15.

  • Wedding on Saturdays at 11:00 - 12:15

The cost is 15€/session. There is a 25€ registration fee for this program. The book itself costs 10€. The chapter we’re doing is announced in advance in the Whatsapp group.

Join this program by filling in the form below

You can 'mix it up' and come to both dates if you want.