German for Parents

This course is an alternative to language school. It's best for people who have already studied some German beforehand because we go fast. It is not recommended to do this course as a complete beginner.

  • 90 minutes

  • morning

  • 2 x week

  • 4 weeks

We cover the A1-B1 curriculum in 4 weeks. We do this by using the fundamental patterns that underpin the language. You are supported in this module with the resources to read a real simplified REAL novel using mind maps and quizzes. We also write. At the end of the module all students write about a day in their lives.

Students with B2 have done module 1 and taken value from it. For a B1 student about 35% is new. About 65% is revision for a person in such a position. Nonetheless the revision is more than revision because it places disparate knowledge into a structured context allowing its efficient retrieval from memory for use in real time.

Ultimately the purpose is to prepare you to speak. First we understand the grammar. Then we practice the patterns with reading and writing. Then we write our own personal narrative stories. Then we tell our stories. i.e. it’s not small talk. 

Babies are fine. No problem. It is a bit easier without them because the mother can give undivided attention. Nonetheless it is designed for babies to come. All material is online. Anything missed in class can be efficiently reviewed with a couple of clicks later. 

Toddlers are normally fine. It is better if there are at least 2 so they can play together. 

Where possible we run the group in a private apartment from one of the group members is doing the course to ensure a cozy environment. 

The cost is between 153 - 180,00 € depending on when you sign up and if you do so with a friend.

Illness: mums often miss days because of illness or some other reason. We often have mums come to class remotely with VSee software. This works well. Mums want to know they will not miss out. 

All members are in a Whatsapp group. All members are encouraged to provide support to each other and this works well. 

There is a Facebook group. To directly be kept informed about changes to the program and news - sign-up to the newsletter. There's a link to do that at the bottom of this page.

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Here's a movie that shows what a typical session is like.