German for Parents

Babies and small children are very welcome. Toddlers are normally fine. It is better if there are at least 2 so they can play together. Check when you sign up.

Normally we meet in the home of a student so it’s always cozy. There are usually toys and the place is already child-friendly. When you sign up you can say if you’re interested in offering your home as a meeting place for the group. It works well this way and you can save money on the course fee.

It’s mostly mothers who come during the day. Sometimes there are men. It really doesn’t matter. Everyone is welcome

Illness: mums often miss days because of illness or some other reason. We often have mums come to class remotely with Skype.

All members are in a Whatsapp group. All members are encouraged to provide support to each other and this works well. 

There is a Facebook group. If you want to think about when you want to study, you can join the newsletter below and I’ll write once a month. The link is at the bottom of the page.

Here's a movie that shows what a typical session is like.