Louis Demetz Nov 2016
... this lesson might actually be the cure to German-related self confidence issues

Eleanor GHW Nov 2016
‘... after a couple of years of trying to get my head around German grammar, it was refreshing to find a way that broke it down so simply and memorably.

Wendy Yang Dec 2016
... completely revolutionary from the traditional way of memorising like a dummy.

Kristina June 2017
‘Informative and very functional’

Shannon Green June 2017
‘This is the first time I had done any work on CASE and I’m glad I started with this method’

Liz Lawrence July 2017
‘In this case reinventing the wheel is a good thing. Highly recommended.’

Volodymyr G July 2017
In 90 minutes we were able to correctly build pretty complex German sentences with articles and adjectives!’

JP Diogo
Berlin Oct. 2017

Before working with you, I had an intensive course for one month (48 hours in a month) with a group of 12 people. It wasn't a bad experience, but I had the impression I was being spoon fed and that, in the end of the day, I was not getting the full picture on how the different pieces of the grammar worked together. Furthermore, I was getting the impression that there were just too many rules and that if I wanted to ever speak the language, I would have to compromise and cut as many corners/rules I could, and hope people would understand what I was saying.

Language Gym showed me that there are some ground rules in German that we should never ignore if we are serious about learning German. It also showed me that the 1359 thousand rules can actually be clustered and mastered by knowing just a few patterns. That is powerful and a game changer!

I have been recommending your course to everyone I know who is taking German learning seriously.