The program is made up of four modules.

* Module 1 is essential grammar (1) in English
* Module 2 is reading and writing with essential grammar (2) Half in English, half in German
* Module 3 is storytelling auf Deutsch
* Module 4 is story cabaret auf Deutsch

Reading from top right and clockwise, this mind map illustrates the Language Gym program.

Reading from top right and clockwise, this mind map illustrates the Language Gym program.

Module 1 covers all the material in A1.1, A1.2, A2.1, A2.2 and elements of B1.1 but instead of it taking in the region of 5 months we do it in one month. Almost all students have been exposed to the material before in a traditional language school setting. This is a review but it’s much more than that. Where language school introduces the pieces of puzzle we put the puzzle together. If you are a complete beginner then this program will probably be too fast unless you can devote a lot of time to it outside the contact hours and already speak at least one other non-mother tongue language. You can skip this module if you want. To do that you have to do our B1 test. If you want to do that here’s the link.

Module 2 provides the rest of the essential grammar, plus reading and writing. Depending on how advanced you are, you read either Ziemlich beste Freunde (which is simplified) or Schönhauser Allee (which is not). You develop the ability to ask questions and understand the answers. You write a personal narrative story.

Module 3 is storytelling and Module 4 is set in a bar/café, so it’s not like ‘school’ - it’s like life.

You are your fellow students are all highly motivated to learn because we go quickly. You should have time in your life to do exercises outside of our sessions. To make the best progress a minimum of 1 hour/day should be spent on 'homework' but more gives better results.

Students tend to be ‘visual’ learners, well-educated. It appeals to scientists, artists, opera singers, dancers, teachers (and mums!). The majority of students are female aged between 25 and 40. But everybody is welcome obviously. The program for mums (parents) is the same program as it is for everybody else.

We communicate with Whatsapp. All lesson plans are on Google drive. If you miss a session, we'll support you to make up the ground. We move fast. Every session is self-contained. One session builds on the next building fluency and confidence like you'd work with Lego.

Our philosophy is unlike a typical language school who have a tendency to drag the process out. We don’t use a textbook, so teachers can’t simply walk you through it. We want you to speak German as fast as possible. We teach grammar in English because it’s very efficient. You can’t learn grammar in German, if you’re not yet comfortable in German.

Module 1:  Essential Grammar (1) (153€ - 180€)
4 weeks 2 x sessions/week

Module 2:  Reading/Writing + essential grammar (2)(153€ - 180€)
4 weeks 2 x sessions/week

Module 3: Storytelling (200 - 240€) - Dieses Modul ist ganz auf Deutsch
typically: 8 - 12 sessions - delivered over 4-6 weeks 2 x sessions/week

Click here to meet one of the teachers. 

Storytelling - The objective of language training is to speak. Obviously It’s important to have something to talk about and it’s important to have people to speak with. Small talk has its place, but it doesn’t allow the student to explore the language well. Instead we use techniques taken from ‘personal narrative’. This just means you tell your own personal true stories. Read more about the structure of preparing to tell your stories. 

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