Personal Narrative - structure

People who do this module have already done module 1 and 2, or they have demonstrated that they can do it!

We don’t believe in memorising anything. This is counter-productive. Instead we’ve developed a method that works well. You write your story in English. You write only what happened without synopsis, analysis or emotional reflection i.e. just the facts. You write the story in the present tense. You send the story to us along with a glossary of the verbs you intend to use (i.e. the German verbs) and the nouns you will use where these are not previously known to you (i.e. new vocabulary). We send the story back to you.

If you have trouble knowing what you want to tell a story about, then we help. Stories with action where something goes wrong are always good. Stories are kept short. This is not about creative writing. These are stories intended to be told. They are ORAL stories and written to be spoken. 

Before you begin to tell the story, the group gives you an oral quiz on the verbs and nouns you will require. 

You don’t need to memorise the story, because you already know it. It happened to you after all. Instead every story is divided into beginning, middle and end. You are encouraged to see the story in your head as a series of pictures and then to describe the pictures. 

As you tell your story you receive real time feedback i.e. your mistakes are corrected and you repeat. Preparation to tell your story is important. You are encouraged to tell your story to yourself (or anyone else) aloud, so you have an idea of how you are going to do it. In the end, it is an improvisation, where you have done some level of preparation. 

The first time you tell the story, it is done in the present tense. This is perfectly reasonable as a storytelling device as it adds immediacy to the story. When you can tell the story in the present tense, you then tell it in the past tense. 

After you have told your story, and sometimes during, the class will ask you questions about the story based around how, who, when, where, why, what. 

Every session is 75-90 minutes long. You are encouraged to provide a new story every 2-3 sessions. In each session we cover 2-3 stories. The maximum number of student storytellers in a session is between 3-4. Every session includes a story being told by the instructor storyteller. 

You can do as many of these sessions as you want. More information on the pricing and discounts available for this program will be coming shortly. To be kept up to date please join the mailing list.