Module 2

Module 2 is an 8 lecture series.

The lectures include: ‘zu-clauses’, ‘adverb placement in complex sentences’, ‘relative pronouns’, the genitive’, ‘the future’, ‘the passive’, ‘the conditional’, plus ‘da/wo compounds’. The project is based on photography - working with a personal photo. You are expected to write and tell one short story during the course based on your photo.

The Pankow daytime group is for a fixed number of dates that are given below. If you are going to miss a lecture for whatever reason you can pick that lesson up by coming to the evening course, which is ongoing.

The evening lectures run in a loop. You are welcome to come to all 8 modules in a row as normal or you can choose your dates. when you join, you also join the Whatsapp group and every day there’s a session we send out a message saying what the topic is and you respond by saying if you’re coming or not. Your subscription entitles you to attend every lecture once.

When you’re ready to join Module 2, you just join up with the form below. The lectures are numbered BUT they are not dependent on each other. Every lecture is self-contained. The numbers don’t dictate the order in which you must do them.

The cost of the course is 180€. Numbers are always limited to 6 people.

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Choose which group you want to join. You need to be associated with one, but you can come to the other group if you miss a session.
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