FAQ - Module 1 + 2

  • Q: Do you meet in person?

    • A: Yes, we meet in person - a course is either once or twice per week

  • Q: How big is the group?

    • Maximum: 7

  • How often do you meet and for how long?

    • A session is 90 minutes (full)

    • Either

      • twice/week over 4 weeks

      • once/week over 8 weeks

  • Q: Where do the courses take place?

    • Day time:

      • Prenzlauer Berg (regularly - various locations)

      • ANY district (based on demand)

    • Evening:

      • Kreuzberg - (Lausitzer Str.)

  • Q: Is there any more I need to know about location?

    • Yes, day time courses take place in people’s private apartments. Some one elects to be the host. We discuss it and check it’s convenient for the others. Then we meet there. If you’re interested in this - click the button when you join up.

  • Q: How much is it?

    • 199€ (includes sales tax)

  • Q: Are there discounts?

    • There are discounts for joining in advance. The early price is 7% less. You have to book 40 days before the course start date to qualify. If you join up with a friend at the same time you also each get 5% off.

    • For module 2: If a friend joins up through a recommendation of yours you both get 5% off

    • For day time courses, there are discounts for hosting the group. If you’re interested in that, check the button in the form for more information.

  • Q: What happens if I miss a class?

    • You can still join a class with Skype

    • All learning material is online so you can follow along

  • Q: How do I join?

    • Select which module you want.

    • Select the course you want based on the start date and location

    • Fill out the form. You receive a confirmation email.

    • You receive joining instructions and an invoice. When you confirm your attendance by making a bank transfer you receive the link to the resources on Google-drive and an invitation to the Whatsapp group. We use Whatsapp to manage attendance, questions and timetable matters.

    • All course offers are based on there being enough people (minimum 4). If you course does not run, you will be offered an alternative. If you have already paid and the alternative you are offered is not convenient for you - you will be offered a full refund

  • Q: What happens if I’ve paid and change my mind?

    • 15 days prior to the start of the class: 90% refund

    • < 15 days prior to the start of the class: 50% refund

  • Q: What happens if I start the course and then want to defer until later in the year?

    • You can do that as long as you start within the next 90 days

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