German for pattern hunters + Storytellers


You want to speak. That’s it. The question is “what’s standing in the way and what to do about it?” The answer is confidence. How to become confident?

Patterns allow you to understand the structure of the language. Reading allows you to find examples of patterns ‘in the wild’. Confidence grows.

Storytelling lets you use patterns in speech. You gain the confidence to express yourself. It starts slowly then it builds in speed. Finally, you feel safe.

The traditional way of learning German doesn’t work. So teachers and students are increasingly interested in the Teaching Proficiency through Reading and Storytelling (TPRS) approach. We embrace this approach and extend it to a short burst of the minimum grammar to accelerate confidence and learning.

Were you told that there are no patterns in German and you ‘just have to learn it’? Let’s see why our approach is unique. Watch this video and der, das, die will reveal itself to you…

Special OfferThe Der, Das, Die Workshop Experience” Practice everything and more from this unique video. Finally understand the German CASE system! Just 25€

Language Gym offers an integrated program of grammar, writing, novel reading (simplified), and speaking with personal narrative storytelling.

We don’t use a textbook. All the material is written by us. All the material is available online. In the daytime program, you’re welcome to bring children. Most of our students have already studied German before - but the traditional way of teaching didn’t work.


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