German Explored through patterns and beyond


This is the place to learn German if you’re looking for a language school alternative. You get a memorable bedrock grammar foundation delivered fast in a style that’s memorable. We are pattern hunting creatures. We learn through identifying patterns. We introduce those patterns. The objective is to get you thinking and speaking in German. Apart from grammar, we read simplified novels to build vocabulary. We write stories from our lives to apply the grammar. We use personal narrative (i.e. your stories from your life) as the basis of the speaking program. i.e. you tell your stories, exactly as you would sitting around the dining room table.

This program is structured into modules.

  • Module 1 - grammar 1 in English. Introduction to writing

  • Module 2 - grammar 2 in English. Writing - personal narrative

  • Module 3 - storytelling auf Deutsch

  • Module R (supplementary) - novel reading (simplified) vocabulary building

We meet in person twice per week.  All the material is online - so you do the exercises in your own time. We move fast.

  • This program suits people who have already been to language school. We fill in the gaps.

  • Total beginners are able to do this program. They have to devote more time to get the most out of it.

This approach will have the motivated student telling their own stories without notes entirely from spontaneous speech in between 3-4 months. 

Grammar is taught in English. Obviously reading, writing and speaking/storytelling is auf Deutsch. 

See exactly what we're talking about by watching the video below. This movie explains how the CASE system works using patterns. You need a paper and pen and 13 minutes of uninterrupted time. So, when you're ready...



The Common European Framework for Language (CEFL) attempts to set common levels of language proficiency. You can read about how our modules map onto those language levels by clicking curriculum.

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